Hannah Foods | A Very Thorough Bruschetta Update

A Very Thorough Bruschetta Update

A Very Thorough Bruschetta Update

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A Very Thorough Bruschetta Update

Costco Southeast Region stores are bringing Bruschetta back!

Our Bruschetta is Hannah International Food’s amazing take on a famous Italian, Mediterranean topping that includes tomatoes, parsley, onions, garlic, olive oil and more. If one didn’t know before this product has a very loyal fan base.

Hoping all the Bruschetta Hannah Fans in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina,
Puerto Rico (not guaranteed), South Carolina, and Tennessee spread the word Hannah’s Bruschetta is back on their shelves most likely around September 30th.

Over the summer we heard from hundreds of Bruschetta fans on how much they love this product. As sad as we were that our Bruschetta was out of many stores, we appreciated the stories and concern. One favorite story was of a gentleman who frequently bought Bruschetta for his mother who lives outside the States.

We heard some of the wonderful recipes and family dishes that Hannah Fans make with our Bruschetta. For others, catering businesses enjoyed using Bruschetta as a healthy, delicious appetizer for their clients.

Those able to get Bruschetta again are encouraged to publicly share your Bruschetta recipes and photos on our social media sites. Tag us in your photos, and use hashtags #hannahfoods #bruschetta

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Our staff at Hannah International Foods wish for our products to be available for everyone. Reality is, this is a very difficult task, but we will never stop making great specialty foods.

Now as happy as our Southeast Hannah Fans are right now, we know there are many located in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast wondering where their Bruschetta is.

Although our Bruschetta is currently not in Northeast Costco locations there are other markets carrying out Bruschetta.

ShopRite stores located in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania carry our Bruschetta.

ShopRite sells our Bruschetta om 2 platforms.

  1. Hannah’s 16oz Plastic Jar similar to the container one finds at Costco.
  2. Shop Rite sells the bruschetta behind the glass of their deli department                                           (We do not have the intel on which specific Shop Rites sell the Bruschetta, nor if the sell it by container or by the lb.)

Roche Bros. in Massachusetts is currently carrying our Bruschetta as well.

There are a couple other specialty food market stores that carry Bruschetta, and we will update this blog shortly with that info. Most stores are located in Massachusetts.

Note we do not offer a product order and shipping service at this time.

In a couple months there will be another Bruschetta update related to Costco Northeast Region.

Vendors interested in distributing our Bruschetta please inquire to [email protected]

We hope this news will make some folks happy. Hannah Fans able to purchase our Bruschetta please show how wonderful our Bruschetta truly is through posting news, pics, and recipes from. Happy Fall!

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23 Sep 2016