Hannah Foods | Bruschetta Update Summer 2017

Bruschetta Update Summer 2017

Bruschetta Update Summer 2017

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Hi Hannah Fans,
Currently our Bruschetta is only available in select locations in the Northeast. If Costco, or other stores pick up bruschetta in the fall we will post on here and our social media sites facebook and instagram. We know we have many Bruschetta fans, and like them, we wish for our Bruschetta to be in as many stores as possible. We also do not offer product ordering and shipping, so they must be purchased in the following store locations.
The Butchery (Danvers, MA, Newbury, MA)

Butcher Boy North Andover, MA (sold behind the deli counter)

Crosby’s Market (chain in MA)
Jack and The Beanstalk (Duxbury, MA- Norwell, MA)

Previte’s Market (Weymouth, MA)

Roache Bros MA (chain in MA)

ShopRite CT, NJ, MD, NY, PA, and RI

ShopRite sells our Bruschetta om 2 platforms.

  1. Hannah’s 16oz Plastic Jar similar to the container one finds at Costco.
  2. Shop Rite sells the Bruschetta behind the glass of their deli department                     (We do not have the intel on which specific Shop Rites sell the Bruschetta, nor if the sell it by container or by the lb. Therefor, we encourage for you to call their deli department to make sure Bruschetta is being carried at your Shop Rite location that day.)
09 Jun 2017