Hannah Foods | Hommus Trio Introduction

Hommus Trio Introduction

Hommus Trio Introduction

Posted by Hannah International Foods in New Products

We are so excited to introduce our Hommus Trio line.
Each Hommus Trio variety provides three different hommus flavors.

All-American Hommus Trio
(classic, roasted red pepper, roasted garlic)

Original Hommus Trio
(cilantro lime, classic, sweet red pepper)

Southwestern Hommus Trio
(black bean, guacamole, roasted vegetable)

April 20, 2015 Shaw’s Supermarkets will be carrying the All-American and Southwestern Hommus Trio flavors.

May 2015 The Northeast Region of Costco will be carrying the Original Hommus Trio.

Looking foward to hearing feed back from our Hannah fans.

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22 Apr 2015