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Our Story


Our story begins when the founder of Hannah Foods decided to make a hommus that captured all the flavors and spices from around the world and put them in a bowl of inspiration. But it extended beyond that. He wanted to make hommus that was authentic and rich in flavor. And that’s exactly what he did; nearly two decades ago, George Hanna took his vision and made it in a delicious recipe for amazing foods.

We are proud to be the pioneers of not just organic, all natural and delicious hommus, but all hommus, providing you with an experience that allows your taste buds to feel natural flavors that come from a variety of all natural and organic farms. But before our product arrives on your plate, we ensure it goes through a delicate production process that consists of high quality assurance.

So join us, because our passion is food, but not just any food; healthy, tasty, and all natural food that is good for you. To put it simply we make good food for good people.




A Family Tradition

_familyIn 1980 Abraham Hanna could not find the protein-rich food he had enjoyed in his native Lebanon, so he set up a kitchen to produce an authentic recipe taught to him by his wife. He made hommus, taboule, and baba ganouj, and sold them to Kosher and natural food stores throughout the Boston region.

Business proved to be so successful that Abraham recruited his son George to help sell his products. From these humble beginings, Hannah Foods has grown into a multi-million dollar manufacturer of a huge variety of dips, spreads, and salads. But despite our success, we still retain the family values we had when we first started.





Finest Ingredients

ingredientsAt Hannah International Foods we shop the world over for the finest and most authentic ingredients for our products.

From Europe and the Middle East to our domestic suppliers locally — we pick only the freshest produce, spices, oils and cheeses to create the unique and flavorful experience our customers know and love.